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A Journey Called Life...

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I used to think, to even be worth living, life should be lived LARGE, in a BIG way with grandeur and opulence. To be successful you had to “have it all.”

I suppose this was a notion of my youth. Growing up, I bought into the messages I was hearing from people around me, the culture and the media. I felt like was supposed to live big and be thin so I could have it all. Only then would I be happy. I was young and didn’t know any better.

Well, I rounded the corner to a new era. I now realize the grandeur is experienced in little moments that burst with love and explode with meaning. The truth of a happy existence is often revealed in unexpected ways.

Of course, my soul knew the truth of it all on some level. Yet I struggled with what others would think if I was not “successful.” That was a very conflicted time in my life. Like a fledgling, I wobbled along sorting out the confusion.

Today I choose to live a simpler life. What brought me to this conclusion (which I have found is never conclusive) is a lifetime of events which, when considered, set the record straight about what holds meaning in my life.

The simple life afforded me time to lie in bed reading a book early on a Sunday morning while listening to my husband’s peaceful breathing as he slept curled up next to me. Because my life is simple, I gained a greater appreciation of uncomplicated moments like getting into a laughing frenzy with my little daughters and recognizing that moment such as these are truly important.

Hindsight, as they always say, is 20/20 and it’s nice to reflect on the blessings of lessons from the past. It is easier to be grateful when you keep things simple.

So, today I ask myself, “Do charmed people really live charmed lives?” I’m beginning to think not. They put their pants on the same way everyone else does and their soul has a journey to learn lessons just like the rest of us.

Oh, I am fortunate; and I have lived through some interesting and difficult situations in my life. Now, with the steadfast assurance that I can live through most anything dealt to me, I have a certain faith which brings peace to me in this wild journey called life. This simple faith offers me the opportunity to soar!

Shelly Valinttine is an adventurer who explores what the mind is capable of. This has allowed for her evolution and capacity to be aligned to her soul’s truth. www.indivinebalance.com

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