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A Hawks Burial

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


Not a typical day, I woke up and was guided to do a sacred journey regarding the ceremony for the hawk I scraped off the road yesterday.

I first drew the owl card from my shaman deck then soared with her on my journey. We perched high in a conifer looking over the mountains, forge and river. I knew what to do and got the message to move on it.

I got on the road and called Sierra, my fire walk mentor, on the way. She and Mato were grateful I called and they gave their blessing for the hawk’s burial under the bed of coals left from the fire walk.

It felt honoring and fulfilling to provide this respectful ceremony for this hawk, a messenger of spirit.

Later that afternoon a hawk soared over the area slow and low. Sally, a dear friend & I witnessed it.

I felt incredibly blessed!

Chantie Valinttine is spiritually connected through nature. She honors the messages and correlation of nature and humanity.

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