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Go Inside and Raise the Vibe

FB asks "What is on my mind today?" Today it is sovereignty, like most days LOL. If you are buying what the news is feeding you then you are not sovereign. If you are listening to anything other than the inner wisdom speaking to you, then you are not sovereign. If others are affirming what you FEEL, that is different. Sovereignty is a feeling of liberation and freedom.

This moment in history we are experiencing right here and now is THE time to listen to your divine inner guidance. There is so much wisdom within you and if you are distracted by the outside world how can you listen? Freedom is a feeling! Liberation is a feeling! Go within and listen, be still, and listen, tune out the noise, and listen. Your truth, knowledge, and wisdom await you from within!

If you allow fear to enter into your mindset, you are in bondage. We are breaking free of the bondage now or we have the opportunity to do so. Do NOT buy into the illusions that are in front of you. They are crumbling and the lies and deception are coming to light.

Here in the USA, we recently celebrated our Independence Day. Let FREEdom ring for you. Let's raise the VIBE!!!

If you want to dialogue or have questions. visit www.indivinebalance.com and contact me!

This is my prayer for my global family.

Blessings to every human on this gorgeous planet EARTH. ~Shelly Valinttine

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