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Being Love with The Ruiz Family

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

May 3, 2013 Ruiz Family Reunion Newport Bch, California Journal Entry

Don Miguel Jr., Don Jose & Don Miguel Sr.

For clarity sake, I spent time with the authors of The Four Agreements, Mastery of Love, The Five Levels of Attachment and more...

These are notes I took during the workshop of the Toltec wisdom…

You create your reality just for you!

Truth: we are born alone, grow alone, and we die alone.

I am responsible for my reality. I will enjoy or suffer consequences in life. We are the creators.

Strong will, determination and discipline make dreams real and are the keys to personal Freedom.

The truth will set you free from what you think you are.

We exist - we are alive. That’s all that matters.

We agreed about what words mean.

What if mirrors did not exist? We would have to use our imagination of what we think we are and how everyone else sees us.

We practice, to be what we are not. (school, family, culture & religion).

If we believe the opinions of everyone else, we stop liking our self.

We compare our experience to that of others' and then we don’t like our self.

When you love yourself just the way you are, we love others just as they are.

Attention & Power of mind – how we learn and teach is a bridge from one reality to other realities.

We are addicted to suffering.

When you look in the mirror – love yourself.

Children learn not what we say, how we live, truth is in action.

With real love, we allow them to be whatever.

Unconditional between gratitude & gratuity we learn to love with conditions as children.

I love you if…

Change your identity – who you think you are. It’s about respect – be completely authentic.

We all live in our own stories – allow it to be, then we have peace.

We each have a filter – having awareness of it changes everything.

What beliefs are running your life?

This weekend was so full of love. These three men are such an inspiration of true love. It felt like a true family reunion. I was as much a part of it as any Ruiz. I grew exponentially as a result of this weekend. I remembered if only for a short time who I truly am. I am Love.

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