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Magical Manifestation

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Dear Universe,

I wanted to express my gratitude for this moment. You know, those times when little sparkles of magic occur in unexpected ways. Today seemed filled with them. I got to spend time with my Mom helping her and she handed me a coupon for something I needed to get. So that was a moment of synchronicity.

A friend I don’t usually hear from during the day, reached out to check in and say hi and it was so good to connect with her. I just love that woman. I feel so blessed to have such great friends.

Then I received a phone call that my daughter won some money for selling the winning ticket for a school raffle; and it was my friend won the raffle drawing. It was like a double bonus and two winners. Then my Mom received a large check from a customer who owes her a lot of money.

The miracle of abundance was all around me and it brought me great joy. It’s seemed like my request for a positive relationship with money was drawing closer.

Then I felt inspired to text my bestie when I saw the magic number 11:44 and feeling that tingle in my heart of such pure love. Being grateful doesn’t seem strong enough to embrace the joy of this feeling. It is truly a gift of a lifetime!

For the most part, work today was smooth and productive. I got lots accomplished and that has been a challenge since it is so focused on details. I am grateful for that today. I am grateful for the help from my friends who are guiding me through this Disillusion process. I am so happy to have the help because this is a daunting process. Their assistance helps me to stay on track to take the steps toward what to do next.

The only thing is I miss my girls, they’ve been with their dad five days now. I haven’t seen them in four days and I really do miss them. It has been good to appreciate them while they are home. Soon they’ll be out of the house and hanging out with friends all the time. My sweet Tess left me a note that she missed me so much that she sorted the laundry and washed a load of clothes because she wanted to do something nice for me. How precious is that? So, thank you for the best daughters ever!!! I love them so much.

Thank you for all the many gifts in my life. I live a rich life filled with experiences in extraordinary ways.

~ Shelly Valinttine is a consummate observer of the human experience, lover of life & re-awakening to the magic of life. Learn more or contact her through www.indivinebalance.com

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